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Do you want to live in a colorful home, but are you not experienced enough to do the painting job yourself? Perhaps you want to use a professional painting service for your commercial property? Either way, Javier's Quality Wallpaper and Painting, LLC is the company you should choose for the job. We are conveniently based in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

What We Offer

Commercial & Residential Painting

Commercial & Residential Painting
A new coat of paint can make all the difference when it comes to the way a residential or commercial property looks and feels. It can completely transform the appearance of your property, making it look new. It is also the easiest and least expensive home improvement project. No matter how easy it is, though, it's best performed by a team of skilled professionals like us. Like any other project, painting has its specifics that an expert is best able to address. Save yourself time, money, and the disappointment involved in DIY projects, and choose our services instead!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior & Exterior Painting

Rather than attempting to paint the exterior or interior of your home yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional painting company. Employing professional painters has many benefits. Self-painting your home or business is a challenging and time-consuming job. You're a lot more likely to make mistakes that make the interior or exterior look bad. Reach out to us if you need a reliable interior or exterior painting contractor.

Power Washing

Power Washing
Your commercial or residential property stores much more than your items. You'll find a variety of pollutants on decks, exterior walls, and sidewalks, ranging in intensity from soil to toxic mold. These potentially toxic chemicals are blasted away by power washing, ensuring that the families or employees are breathing the purest air possible. Power washing algae or other slippery substances away reduces the chance of your family slipping and falling.

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair
Older homes and business facilities, as well as those built of low-quality materials, are prone to cracks, water damage, and holes in the walls. The good news is these cracks are often less dangerous than they appear and can be easily repaired; however, this does not mean that they should be ignored, especially those repairs that require more attention and skilled drywall repair services.
Wallpaper Installation
Wallpaper benefits the walls not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of longevity and durability. Even when dealing with solid colors, wallpaper is the most beneficial, robust, and cost-effective choice because it provides a cleanable and washable protective layer to the wall. It can also add subtle texture and dimension for more visual appeal, which is impossible to do with a flat coat of paint.
Deck & Fence Staining
After a fence or deck is installed, maintenance is key to strong, lasting, and beautiful results. As a matter of fact, a fence or deck that has been stained can help avoid common problems with wood fencing, such as fading, splintering, and helping withstand some of the weather elements nature throws at the wood. Using a high-quality and durable fence or deck stain can keep your fence or deck looking great and lasting for many years.
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Dependable Painting Service in Fuquay-Varina, NC!

The Benefits

A fresh coat of paint can help any home or company. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, hiring an exterior or interior painting company would significantly increase the value of your commercial or residential property. Painting your home or business is a perfect way to improve its appearance. We provide exterior house painting and other services, and we will complete your project in a timely and professional manner. Over the years, our painters have offered excellent painting options for our customers, helping them to feel secure in their decision to employ a professional company.

If you Need Quality Exterior Painting Contractor in Fuquay-Varina, NC, contact Javier's Quality Wallpaper and Painting, LLC!

How We Work

We provide high-quality painting services and more, using only the highest-quality materials, products, and meticulous attention to detail. We make certain that each job is done correctly, and we eagerly await your call. Please contact our painters and allow us to complete your project!

Call (984) 254-7356 and Reach the Top Rated Interior Painting Company in Fuquay-Varina, NC!

Are you looking for a professional and reputable painting contractor in Fuquay-Varina, NC? Javier's Quality Wallpaper and Painting, LLC is this and more. Contact us today and let us paint your home or business!

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I highly recommend this company. Their work was impeccable and so easy to work with.

Michael Montanez
Michael Montanez
Javier is a real professional and does superior work! He is always fair and shows up to do the work when he says he will. He takes the time to do quality work and always cleans up the job site. We highly recommend him.
hameed khan
hameed khan
Javier Carbajal did an amazing job painting our home in Fuquay-Varina! He was punctual, professional, and took great care to ensure the job was done right. Our house looks beautiful and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Eduarda Capozzolli Santana
Eduarda Capozzolli Santana
I highly recommend this painting contractor for their exceptional workmanship and customer service. They were always on time, respectful of my property, and completed the job within the agreed-upon timeframe.
Camila Nicol Quispe Ayaviri
Camila Nicol Quispe Ayaviri
I was blown away by the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by this painting contractor. They took the time to understand my needs and preferences, and delivered a finished product that exceeded my expectations.
Emelly Pereira Gaspar Da Silva
Emelly Pereira Gaspar Da Silva
I'm really impressed with the work that was done by your crew. They were very efficient and thorough, and I never had to worry about anything during the process. Painting contractor did a great job!
Jhenyfer Raquely Assuncao
Jhenyfer Raquely Assuncao
I was very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and professionalism of this company. They were able to complete my project in a timely manner, and their pricing was reasonable. I would highly recommend this painting contractor!
Richard Zane
Richard Zane
Hired them for some exterior painting service in our apartments they were extra efficient
Mark David
Mark David
He always does a great job, stays in touch about when he will be coming by, and lets me know when he has completed the work.
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